Little Heroes: Australia’s Premier Kids-Only Jiu Jitsu Competition

Welcome to the exciting world of Little Heroes, the first kids-only Jiu Jitsu competition in Australia! Our unique tournament offers young martial artists the opportunity to showcase their skills in a fun and competitive environment. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the format, rules, registration details, and all the exciting features that make Little Heroes a must-attend event for kids and teens passionate about Jiu Jitsu.

Tournament Format: Round Robin Excitement

At Little Heroes, we believe in providing a level playing field for all participants. That’s why our tournaments follow a Round Robin format. This ensures that every competitor gets multiple chances to demonstrate their Jiu Jitsu prowess.

Rules and Guidelines: Fair Play is Our Mantra

To ensure fairness and adherence to the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) rules, we have established the following guidelines:

Match Duration:

  • Juveniles matches last for a thrilling 5 minutes.
  • Kids matches are a fast-paced 3 minutes of action.

Scoring System:

Our matches employ the traditional BJJ point scoring system:

  • 4 points for achieving the mount position
  • 4 points for taking the opponent’s back
  • 3 points for passing the guard
  • 2 points for executing a sweep
  • 2 points for successful takedowns
  • 2 points for maintaining knee-on-belly control

Gi and No-Gi Divisions: Dress the Part

We offer both Gi and No-Gi divisions to accommodate different preferences. Gis will be measured after weigh-in, ensuring a level playing field. For No-Gi matches, competitors are required to wear shorts without zips and a rash guard.

Registration Details: Secure Your Spot

Please note that our tournament operates on a pre-registration basis only. Registrations are not accepted at the event itself. Here are the registration fees:

  • Early Registration (1 Division): AUD50
  • Early Registration (2 Divisions): AUD60
  • Normal Registration (1 Division): AUD60
  • Normal Registration (2 Divisions): AUD70
  • Late Registration (1 Division): AUD70
  • Late Registration (2 Divisions): AUD80

Competitor Lists and Division Changes: Stay Informed

Competitor Lists will be available online throughout the registration process. We encourage all participants to review their details and competitors’ lists before the brackets are finalized. After registration closes, changes to divisions can be made until 1 pm the following day.

Brackets and Schedule: Plan Ahead

Approximately 12 hours before the tournament, we will release event brackets and schedules on our website. Make sure to check the event page’s brackets and schedule tab for all the essential information.

Weigh-Ins: A Crucial Step

Weigh-ins take place on the day of the event. Competitors must weigh in without their Gis anytime from the event opening until 60 minutes before their scheduled division start time. Missing weight results in disqualification.

Coach and Crowd Guidelines: Spectator Information

To maintain a focused and safe environment, we provide one chair for each coach of the competitor on the mat. Only competitors and those immediately involved in their matches are allowed within the tournament’s barricades.

Medals, Photos, and Medical Assistance: Celebrating Success and Safety

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals await all podium finishers. We also upload event podium photos to our Facebook page during the post-week of events. Rest assured, there will be a trained and professional medic on-site to ensure everyone’s well-being.

Warm-Up Mats: Preparing for Success

We strive to provide a warm-up area for our competitors during tournaments, so you can prepare and perform at your best.

Best Academy and Awards: Celebrating Excellence

Team standings, points, and medal counts are regularly updated and available on the results tab of the event page. A prestigious trophy will be awarded at the end of the competition to the best academy.

Fastest Submission Challenge: Be the Best of the Best

For those aiming for glory, compete for the title of the fastest submission. We track and recognize the top 5 fastest submission times at each tournament, posting the leaderboard on our Facebook and Instagram pages during the post-week of the events.

Division Results and Rankings: Tracking Success

Stay updated with live division brackets and final placements on the results tab of the event page. We also keep track of rankings for both competitors and teams throughout the Annual Season.

Note: Arrive Early and Ready to Compete

To ensure a smooth experience, we kindly request all participants to arrive at least one hour before their scheduled times. This allows for necessary preparations and ensures that the event runs seamlessly.

Join us at Little Heroes, where young Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts become champions! Register now and be part of the action. We can’t wait to see you on the mats!