ADCC Open Conquering the World Brazil São Paulo Edition

If you’re a martial arts enthusiast and looking for an exciting opportunity to test your skills, the ADCC São Paulo Open is the perfect event for you! In this post, we will provide all the essential information about the tournament, including important dates, weight categories, registration policies, and more.

Event Date: Sunday, July 16, 2023

Key Dates:

  1. Until 06/16/23: Registration for R$200
  2. Until 07/10/23: Registration for R$250
  3. Extra categories: R$85
  4. 07/10/23: Last day for credit requests (No Refund available)
  5. 07/13/23: Deadline for registration corrections
  6. 07/10/23: Registration closes (or when the event reaches maximum capacity)

For making registration corrections or for any general inquiries, please contact us via email:

Refund Policy: Please note that registrations will not be refunded. However, if you are unable to compete, you can request event credits for future use. These credits must be requested up to 5 days before the event day. Refunds of the registration fee will only be issued in the event that we do not have any registered competitors in the same category.

Tournament Format: The ADCC São Paulo Open will follow the rules and techniques of ADCC, with the NO-GI format. The tournament will be conducted in a single-elimination format, competing for third place (there is no double bronze medal).

Absolute Division: There will be an absolute division for both men and women, open to all weight categories. Competitors must be over 18 years old to participate.

Closures: It is important to note that not having a real fight is considered a “closure” and will not be tolerated during the event.

Sandbagging: Please be aware that it is not allowed to register in categories below your belt ranking or weight category. Masters can register in the adult category, but any attempt at “sandbagging” will be closely monitored and may result in penalties and a ban from ADCC events.

For more information and to register, visit the official ADCC São Paulo Open website here.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to compete in the ADCC São Paulo Open and test your skills in the world of martial arts! Join us on July 16, 2023, for a day full of action and high-level competition. We look forward to seeing you there!